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The GeoSmartCity Metadata Tool

The GeoSmartCity metadata management tool is a resource that permits to edit and publish geospatial metadata through a simple spreadsheet.

Video tutorial

This tool designed especially for those who are not very familiar with complex technical standards and specifications and, above all, do not have dedicated platforms to edit and host geospatial metadata.

To use it, you just need to download the below MS Excel spreadsheet and compile the metadata of geographic data.

The tool will create an XML file structured according to the technical rules defined by the INSPIRE Directive and will publish your metadata in an existing online catalog of your choice exposins an CSW interface.

This tool has been created by Sinergis within the European project GeoSmartCity.

Epsilon Italy has contributed to the testing and revision of the tool.


The spreadsheet is available under a CC-BY license, anyone can download it, modify it and use it to compile and publish metadata. For any further information contact us.

Metadata Management Tool

Download the spreadsheet (V2.0)