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The GeoSmartCity Hub

Our “Hub” is a software and hardware platform that catalogues, stores, and makes data available through web APIs.

The Hub’s server software components expose interfaces for integrating, visualizing, analysing and processing spatial and non-spatial data sources, allowing users to upload or connect their data sources, configure map visualizations and publish data through a web based user interface.

It consists of a virtual machine with a database server, a triple store, a catalog server, a web server, an administration application for managing data content and a rich Web Service API that enables efficient interaction with spatial and non-spatial data regardless whether they are stored in databases, files, remote APIs or as Linked Data.

The list of installed basic applications is:

The benefit of the Hub lies simultaneously in:

Contact us to know how the GeoSmartCity Hub can be integrated in your government or enterprise organisation.

The Hub components are available and integrated in four virtual machines available for download. Contact us to get the credentials.