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The GeoSmartCity Data Catalogue

The DataCatalogue facilitates the process of taking a local, file-based dataset and publishing it as a Web Map Service on GeoServer through a web application, without requiring any programming or manual configuration by expert users.

The goal of the GeoSmartCity Data Catalogue is to automatically describe application metadata of sets of data (datasets). This application runs as a web browser client and is implemented as a HTML5 front-end working towards a set of back-end Java Web Services.

The backend interfaces allow registered users to search, read, create, update and delete information about the dataset described in the Data Catalogue.

This tool has been created by Sinergis and Avinet within the European project GeoSmartCity.

Video tutorial

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The GeoSmartCity Data Catalogue is available in our repository under a MIT license, anyone can download it, modify it and use it. For any further information contact us.

Reference and User Guide


This document provides detailed reference documentation for the Data Catalogue application.

Accesss the application

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This instance of the Data Catalogue is used by the GeoSmartCity Consortium partners to manage the project's Pilot applications data sources.