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  • avinet


    Asplan Viak Internet A/S (AVINET) is a technology subsidiary of the Norwegian...

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  • epsilon-international

    Epsilon International

    Epsilon International SA (EPSGR, is a leading GIS...

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  • epsilon-italia

    Epsilon Italia

    Epsilon Italia srl is an independent SME established in 1996 in Mendicino...

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  • genova

    Comune di Genova

    The City of Genova is a local authority. The challenges of the City are to...

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  • geobid


    GEOBID Ltd was set up in 1991 but is has deep roots and experiences in...

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  • gisig


    GISIG is a European Association on Geographical Information validated as...

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  • intergraphcz


    Intergraph CS s.r.o. is the leading global provider of engineering and...

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  • iren


    IREN, a multiutility company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, operates...

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  • municipia


    Municípia, .E.M. S.A. is an Oeiras municipal company that started its...

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  • reggio-emilia

    Comune di Reggio-Emilia

    The Municipality of Reggio Emilia, with a population of more than 170,000...

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  • sinergis

    Dedadagroup Public Services

    Dedadagroup Public Services (former Sinergis) was established in 2003 as a...

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  • ticass


    TICASS – acronym for Innovative Technologies for Environmental Control and...

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  • tracasa


    TRACASA is a public commercial company of computer science, cartographic,...

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  • tuas


    Turku University of Applied Sciences is a multidisciplinary institution of...

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  • universitat-de-girona

    Universitat de Girona

    The Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing Centre (UdG) of the...

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  • vmm


    The Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) was founded in 1991 after nearly all...

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