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Welcome to the GeoSmartCity Hub

An Open Source software environment made of server side components and custom Web Services offering a wide range of functionalities for data and metadata management.

More information

Hub Core resources

GeoSmartCity Data Catalogue

An applicatiton to catalog different data sources, publish all or some of this information and produce a configuration JSON for its map display.

GeoSmartCity Data Portal

Data discovery in GeoSmartCity is managed by an instance of the CKAN software augmented by three extensions for custom metadata management.

GeoSmartCity Client Side API

A library for rapid spatial web application development. The library builds on jQuery, OpenLayers3 and invokes methods from the GeoSmartCity Hub.

Hub Support resources

Validation Service

On-line validation of datasets harmonized according to the GeoSmartCity target data models.

Spatial Catalogue

A catalogue for spatially referenced resources. It provides metadata editing and search functions.

Codelists Manager

The JRC's Re3gistry is reused and extended in order to manage new codelists and codelist values.

Specialised Services

Standardized and re-usable data processing services based on requirements of the GeoSmartCity Pilots.

Metadata tool

A simple spreadsheet tool able to edit metadata and publish it to a CSW endpoint and a CKAN catalog.

User resources

GeoSmartCity Repository

Visit our GitHub repository to access all the technical information and source code.

Applications Showcase

11 Smart City operative applications demonstrating the added value services of the Hub.

User Guides and Training

Free e-Learning courses on GIS, INSPIRE and and the technical outcomes of GeoSmartCity.

Contact and Enquiries

Get in touch with us. Make an enquiry for professional support and training.